Why me?

I was born in Naples, and I have an unwavering passion for authentic Neapolitan pizza.

The disappointment of poorly made pizza simply can't escape my taste buds. During my time working in Rome, the craving for a genuine pizza would drive me to make the journey back to Naples each time.

It wasn't long before I took matters into my own hands and began crafting pizzas myself.

When I relocated to Cambridge, the luxury of driving to Naples for a fix wasn't on the table anymore. However, armed with over 15 years of experience in baking Neapolitan pizza, I didn't need to go to Naples for a Pizza.

Baking Neapolitan Pizza in my garden is the occasion to spend cherished moments with my friends.

My commitment goes beyond nostalgia; it's about delivering an unforgettable experience. I meticulously source only the freshest, finest ingredients. Why? Because I'm dedicated to elevating your special occasions with the captivating essence of genuine Neapolitan pizza.

Be it an intimate gathering or a grand event, the allure of authenticity and flavor remains constant. Allow me to bring the taste of the Authentic Neapolitan Pizza to you and your guests, wherever you are.


Distinctive Flavors, Ravishingly Authentic Xperience

These are the stories of the journey around getting the best Neapolitan pizza.